Shooting Stars 

They say if you count sheep  

You’ll eventually fall asleep

As I play with your hair

So soft and tangled like wool

I lay awake counting the stars instead 

Made a wish on a shooting star

Your wish may just come true they said

Theme: Fleece of wool

Given to me by: Lucy Opoka

Drunk Love 

As I bite into it

As I twirl the ice cubes with it

His eyes don’t leave mine 

Not a single drop of whiskey 

The straw has become an accessory

A distraction 

My bare lips will give too much away

Head buzzing

Mind racing

Might have fallen in love drunk 

Or I might have just been drunk in love

Topic: Straws 

Given to me by: Joy Chizoba

Homo Sapiens

What makes me have peace

What makes me beam with happiness 

Both from within and outside 

Is the pleasure I get

Being alone.

No humans to interrupt my mind and turn everything to black and white

That’s where I find true happiness 

That’s where I spread my wings

And let my colours shine


Party Time

My heart beats like the drums

My breath follows the beat

I can feel it in my bones

Let my eyes be the disco ball

Let the music transpire from our souls 

And let the party begin.

The Big Bang Theory

Every part of me wakes up

Rise and shine

My planets start rotating

My inner sun beams

Its flames makes my heart beat

Faster and slower at the same time

All that commotion

They call it the Big Bang

I call it

The first time I met you


If I could

I’d be prettier


That’s what the telly says

and the magazines

and also the girl next door

If I could see clearer

I wouldn’t want to be any prettier

but my eyes are polluted. 


Her eyes have witnessed war

mother nature wasn’t kind

the town was flooded to the point water started running down her cheeks

Her lips have felt different textures

Some took her breath away

yet she hasn’t found the texture that best suites her

The rest just sit there and watch

until they witness a happy ever after.