How to write a poem without thinking too much

pen and paper

I started writing poems after I finished high school because: 1. I was bored and 2. I knew i could cook something up after my literature classes for about 4 years.

Most people write poems for recreational purposes, some write to vent out their feelings…it really doesn’t matter how ‘good’ it is. As long as it came from your heart and soul it will always be special, regardless if people understand it or not.

The following are some tips that have worked for me in the past and i hope it might help you as well…most important thing is to relax! As a friend of mine always says: “It’s never that serious”

1. Be Inspired

Has something sparked your interest lately? Maybe the sun shined a special way today or the clouds were on “fleak” whatever that means. Then write about it. Write about how that flower is so yellow and how it just captures your eye; in a poetic way of course.

2. Don’t Think

Just write. Period. Don’t start fussing about what word rhymes with what and trying to make the perfect stanza. There is no such thing. Every poem is different, stop fixing your mind to the oh so perfect poems you see on the net. You ain’t no professional, so quit stressing yourself. Be unique and make your poems unique. It’s that simple.

3. Write With Music Playing

Most of my poems have been a product of a song playing. Like about 45% of my poems. But choose your songs wisely. A metal rock song or a catchy pop song will not be so prudent because you’ll end up singing along and lose focus. The type of songs I listen to are usually the dark slow type or the sweet ones. Depending on my mood. Like I said in my previous blog a bit of Ed Sheeran, Sia and Abel Tesfaye goes a long way for me.

4. Have An Emotion

Whether it’s anger, pain, happiness it’s the perfect moment to write a poem. It’s that poem that will come straight from the heart and trust me you’ll feel so much better afterwards.

5. Get Challenged

I have two poems in my poetry book that were a result of friends daring me to write a poem. They choose a topic for you and you write a poem about it..the results are usually very impressive. For example the first challenge my friend told me to write about chess and the results were as follows:

The King and Queen

Chess is my life

my king are you listening?

I’m your queen and your loving wife.

Those horses my Lord, only two?

I married you for the money

I thought you knew.

Those soldiers are so handsome

I might just cheat on you.

Do you see that other king?

He’s my lover

Are you jealous my darling?

Oh those knights are so fearless

they should just take me away

and leave you penniless.

This game of chess we play

I make the rules

you just obey.

11th of November 2013

By Flora Abdul