Wishful Thinking

As always
As it is every time
It’s dark

Darkness with a hint of light
Shining crystals on the waterbed
As part of the ocean decide to invade my feet

Every wave washes away the next
Just as every happy moment washes away a sad one
Every success washes away a failure

This time it’ll be different
It’ll be bright
Full of light
No darkness in sight.


Me plus you equals to a beautiful disaster

You always make my heart beat faster


You’re my ecstasy, you take me to cloud 9 baby,

Have I told you how much I love you lately?


Don’t you dare look at me like that

Your crystal brown eyes strip me from my armour

Both metaphorically and literally


How do you do it?

You kiss my forehead and you take my breath away

When you kiss my lips, I handcuff you to make sure that you stay


I don’t know what else to say

Your flaws are perfection

You’re intense, I’m out of my mind

You’re sweet, I’m kind


You see…

When we lock our hands they fit perfectly

Just like you and me.

The Fairy Tale

The clock ticks
Tick tock
Wait for it…

It’s time
To open up
The clock has struck 12

Where’s your other shoe?
Where are you running to?
There’s no prince charming

No fairy Godmother
No beautiful dress
You’re running for the wrong reasons

This isn’t no fairy tale
There’s no happily ever after

That Little Mouse Trap

You can call me a mouse if you want

Your love can be the cheese

Trying to stop myself from eating

But I just can’t

That cheese is not for free

It comes with a price

There is a trap on it

For irrational, greedy mice

I’m one of them

I think on my toes

I fall head-over-heels helplessly in love

I think it obviously shows

Is it worth me getting hurt for your love?

Can’t I go find cheese somewhere else much safer?

I guess the thrill of danger is much more exciting

It just adds a little more flavour

I go for the cheese

I end up getting hurt

Help me please!

I knew this would happen

It was too good to be true

I thought it would just be me and you

I knew this would happen

The End

You close your eyes

because it’s comforting

no one has power

when it’s dark

You like the intense feeling

‘happy’ isn’t your style

but you decide to give it a try

You open your eyes

unfamiliar light beams

tranquility fills the air

Your heart isn’t heavy anymore

then you get scared

your heart isn’t wearing its armour

It’ll be easier for bullets to pierce

but you decide

to live for the moment

A moment of peace

Simplicity and