The King and Queen

Chess is my life

my king are you listening?

I’m your queen and your loving wife.

Those horses my Lord, only two?

I married you for the money

I thought you knew.

Those soldiers are so handsome

I might just cheat on you.

Do you see that other king?

He’s my lover

Are you jealous my darling?

Oh those knights are so fearless

they should just take me away

and leave you penniless.

This game of chess we play

I make the rules

you just obey.

Mystery Girl

Her innocent eyes hiding the devil inside                            her beautiful smile holding back the truth
her angelic face distracting you from her scars

Every word she speaks
has another meaning
only  she understands

If you dare try to enter her world
you’ll be trapped in the layers
the layers of hot lava and monsters

So just take her as she is
the being she wants you to see
to prevent you from experiencing her pain.

Inside The Mind Of An Introvert

You’ll find me in the corner

All alone

And it’ll be dark


My thoughts will be my company

My music will charge me up

The darkness will cool me down


I don’t need you to understand

You should just accept me as I am

The introvert that I am


I don’t do big crowds

Or loud places

I’d rather be in my little corner


I’ve talked enough for today

I’ve seen enough people

Now let me be to recharge