As I am locked up
In this cage

Whatever I do
Whatever I say
Is monitored
Is analysed

I pretend to be a person I’m not
I pretend to be angelic
An angel

An angel that is covering something darker
Something deeper
I’m trying to maintain this halo
But it just needs my two horns to keep it together

I may have my wings
But I need my tail for balance
And as I said earlier:

My innocent eyes are hiding the devil inside

The road to my heart

In the darkness
In the midst of it all
Into the woods
You’ll find me

You’ll find me with two things
A dagger
And a heart

There are two ways into my Kingdom
Either satisfy yourself with the beauty of pure bliss
Or face the treacherous journey of dark demonic passages

You’ll only deserve my half-beating heart
If you’re courageous enough to enter my Kingdom
My mind
My hell.

Beauty and its Beasts

Flowers with horns
So beautiful
Yet so painful

Water with sharks
So tranquil
Yet so dangerous

Forests with creatures
So captivating
Yet so deadly

Love with unsaid words
So tempting
Yet so heart breaking