The King and Queen Part II

My darling wife

How do you sleep at night?

As you’ve stabbed my back with your vicious knife

This chess game we play

Have you forgotten a king can live without his queen?

So stop your chattering if you may

I believe this is the part where I say


You are not as fair as my mistress…just as a by the way

I should obey you?

If you are truly a queen, then why would you need my money?

Unless you were once a peasant

Please tell me this is not true

The game of chess is played with those who have class

Unfortunately you possess none

Such a shame there is nothing underneath that sass


Two Sides of a Coin

A smile on her face

flowers blossom

that spark in her eyes


Her blank look

dead are her eyes

it gets difficult to breathe


Tears hiding behind her eyes

weather changes

flowers go to sleep


Hurt in her eyes

tear marks on her cheeks

a war in her head

emotions running deep