Heaven Sent 

She came home one day

Too tired to open her mouth 

And everyday

When she came back

She was too tired

Too tired to smile

To see… to feel

Her colours started to fade

Then one day

She stopped coming home

And I started to go to her 

To a place where everything had colour and life

Where she wasn’t too tired

Where she was happy.



As dark as night 

My eyes still shut

But the the brightness of my glowing soul

When I’m with you 

Lets me find my way through my cluttered mind 


As I closed my eyes

I felt everything 

All the sensations 

The hurt

The lust

The passion 

And all at once

They drifted away 

Like the wind 

No to be seen

Or felt



Remember to breathe

Let serenity take over

As you start afresh

Remember to smile

Let it reach from ear to ear

As the sun shines brighter

Remember to forgive 

Let reason find its path

As your heart becomes lighter

Never forget 

To live

And be alive