We find ourselves in this mess again
Mixed feelings
Fire between us
Horns forming
When a minute ago
Our halos were the ones giving us light
Now everything is a blur
As smoke consumes us

We forget the difference between what is right
and what is wrong
Because now everything is happening way too fast
There’s no time to think
To catch your breath

Then when it’s all said and done
The battle has been fought
White flags from both sides
The result…


“We should take things slow”

She sat alone in the train

she was moving but sat still

the sun woke up and went to sleep over and over again

but she still didn’t move

though she was going somewhere

she never reached her destination

because she never moved

but she was going somewhere

though no where in particular

If only she stood up

walked around

sat somewhere else


just maybe

the train might have stopped