Hopeless Romantic

I dream of a happily ever after

where we both say “I do”

and our lives is filled with love, happiness and laughter

Where you look into my eyes

and open up with a voice so sincere

without all the messing around, deceit and lies

How you can’t wait for me to be a mother

so that we can have little mes and yous running around

and you wouldn’t dream of doing that with another

After all is said and done, the book closes

but I still want us to be together, side by side

as they give us roses.

Million Dollar Question

The question is

what goes through your mind when you look at me?

when we talk and exchange playful words

what do you see?

Are you driven by your sexual desire?

as we talk, can you prevent yourself from looking at my lips and breasts?

and does your curiosity go wild when you start to imagine how they look like once I unhook my bra?

Or maybe you think I’m pretty

pretty smart and intelligent

and that I’ll make it anywhere I go

and how you’d love to be the first person to see this star inside me shine

I wonder if you really like me

if you’re emotionally invested in all that I am

and the question I always ask myself is

Are you really worth my time?