There was once a dragonfly

That turned into a butterfly

With wings so beautiful

It attracted every creature in sight

The butterfly flew and flew

But to her despair

Could not find any wings that matched hers

One day she rested on a sunflower

And decided to wait on a special pair of wings

So she waited and waited

And waited….


Therapy Room

With every glare she became toxic

He became addicted

And as time passed

Her image faded and became distorted

Then it was complete darkness

Writer’s block

I write



Then Cancel

A part of me wants to get hurt so that I can write a masterpiece

A part of me wants to fall in love so that I can write a sonnet professing the number of ways “I love thee”

Or I could just get an epiphany and my creative juices could start flowing

But I’m over here swamped with work writing this poem