Runaway Beauty

She looked in the mirror

The mirror looked back at her

With no promises

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

But she didn’t see anything beautiful in front of her

She wondered where her beauty had run off to

She didn’t know what beautiful was anymore

She felt like a guinea pig

A body with imperfections that people tried to fix with their words



There was once a dragonfly

That turned into a butterfly

With wings so beautiful

It attracted every creature in sight

The butterfly flew and flew

But to her despair

Could not find any wings that matched hers

One day she rested on a sunflower

And decided to wait on a special pair of wings

So she waited and waited

And waited….


If I could

I’d be prettier


That’s what the telly says

and the magazines

and also the girl next door

If I could see clearer

I wouldn’t want to be any prettier

but my eyes are polluted.