She wanted to know how it felt like if she actually drowned in her own sadness and sorrow

So as she dipped her toes in the water she remembered the first time her heart broke

As the water reached her navel

She remembered the day she cried herself to sleep in her room for no reason

As the water reached her neck

She remembered the day she started feeling numb to every sort of emotion

As she took her last breath

She was under water

And she remembered faking her happiness because the truth didn’t make sense anymore

As she struggled to hold her breath

She looked up and saw how beautiful the sun was

Glistening over the water

Like yellow crystals

So she swam towards them

And from there

She felt alive for the very first time.



I just hate myself so much for no reason

Carrying the hurt people have given me

I’m sacrificing my happiness from the hurt people have given me

The vibrancy in my being is gone now

It’s just hopelessness now

It’s flashbacks of hurt and mistakes

How the stars can never align properly the way I want them to

My worth as a person has never changed

People just fail to see it

Then I end up failing to see it too

That’s where the trouble begins

That’s when the unexplainable sadness starts.


I’m more vocal when I write than when I speak

I’m usually the awkward quiet one

But inside..

Inside I’m bursting with emotions and words that flow in my mind

All filled with sarcasm, joy, hope, fear…


I was a ticking time bomb once

Kept everything bottled up

Didn’t know that time was running out

That I had fewer seconds every time I took a deep breath

Then when the timer went off

I exploded

With emotions and tears

So much tears that I drowned in them

And for some time I didn’t know who I was any more

There was always rain, dark clouds and thunder in my heart

I got used to it at some point

It became a comfortable pain

It engulfed my whole body

Traces of it still exist

My mind speaks but my mouth doesn’t move

It’s as if I’m a mime

Trapped in a world my mind has created.

Therapy Room

With every glare she became toxic

He became addicted

And as time passed

Her image faded and became distorted

Then it was complete darkness



I’m not sure if you remember me

It’s been a while since we crossed paths 

let me remind you of what we used to be 


they said we were never good together 

you went to a shrink to get rid of me

and what we had could have lasted forever

but you didn’t want that

I bid you farewell,

I see nowadays you love wearing that smile

I won’t disturb you as much

I just wanted to say hi because it’s been a while.