A raging fire

She could still taste the night before the morning after

He was all over her lips

Even though he wasn’t around a part of him was still with her 

She could still taste the flavour of their kiss that they shared the night before 

His cologne still on her skin as she hugged him goodnight

She could taste a hint of love and compassion when she licked her lips over and over again

Though their love was innocent

Everything was fire and it was a burning sensation between them 

The little things ignited a raging fire

And they both knew nothing or no one could put it out 

It wasn’t just your typical spark that dies out

It was a fire

You’d get burned if you came near it. 


Homo Sapiens

What makes me have peace

What makes me beam with happiness 

Both from within and outside 

Is the pleasure I get

Being alone.

No humans to interrupt my mind and turn everything to black and white

That’s where I find true happiness 

That’s where I spread my wings

And let my colours shine



If I could

I’d be prettier


That’s what the telly says

and the magazines

and also the girl next door

If I could see clearer

I wouldn’t want to be any prettier

but my eyes are polluted. 


Her eyes have witnessed war

mother nature wasn’t kind

the town was flooded to the point water started running down her cheeks

Her lips have felt different textures

Some took her breath away

yet she hasn’t found the texture that best suites her

The rest just sit there and watch

until they witness a happy ever after.

Mirror mirror

You stare at your reflection

you hope to see perfection

but all that lies beneath

is a blur of unclear and uncharted waters

that you have not yet had time to discover.