She craved serenity

Something to ease her soul

She wanted her ever busy mind

To be swept away with each wave

She craved serenity

To have a clean and happy heart

A heart that was not breaking

One that functioned to keep her smile radiant

She craved serenity

To be in love and fall in love with only one person

That one person being herself

She craved serenity

Near the Indian Ocean

Her Indian Ocean

Her serenity.



I just hate myself so much for no reason

Carrying the hurt people have given me

I’m sacrificing my happiness from the hurt people have given me

The vibrancy in my being is gone now

It’s just hopelessness now

It’s flashbacks of hurt and mistakes

How the stars can never align properly the way I want them to

My worth as a person has never changed

People just fail to see it

Then I end up failing to see it too

That’s where the trouble begins

That’s when the unexplainable sadness starts.


I’m more vocal when I write than when I speak

I’m usually the awkward quiet one

But inside..

Inside I’m bursting with emotions and words that flow in my mind

All filled with sarcasm, joy, hope, fear…


I was a ticking time bomb once

Kept everything bottled up

Didn’t know that time was running out

That I had fewer seconds every time I took a deep breath

Then when the timer went off

I exploded

With emotions and tears

So much tears that I drowned in them

And for some time I didn’t know who I was any more

There was always rain, dark clouds and thunder in my heart

I got used to it at some point

It became a comfortable pain

It engulfed my whole body

Traces of it still exist

My mind speaks but my mouth doesn’t move

It’s as if I’m a mime

Trapped in a world my mind has created.

Hopeless Romantic

I dream of a happily ever after

where we both say “I do”

and our lives is filled with love, happiness and laughter

Where you look into my eyes

and open up with a voice so sincere

without all the messing around, deceit and lies

How you can’t wait for me to be a mother

so that we can have little mes and yous running around

and you wouldn’t dream of doing that with another

After all is said and done, the book closes

but I still want us to be together, side by side

as they give us roses.

“We should take things slow”

She sat alone in the train

she was moving but sat still

the sun woke up and went to sleep over and over again

but she still didn’t move

though she was going somewhere

she never reached her destination

because she never moved

but she was going somewhere

though no where in particular

If only she stood up

walked around

sat somewhere else


just maybe

the train might have stopped


She packed her suitcase

as if she was being chased by some animal 

she packed everything 

didn’t leave anything behind 

There wasn’t enough time to iron and fold 

she just simply piled everything she could find 

he was waiting for her outside…

well… that’s what she thought

They weren’t eloping or anything 

Hell… it was just their first date

And without thinking she was about to pack and carry all her messy emotions  (clothes) to him 

With so many emotions  (clothes) she would stay with him for more than one day

I mean… that’s what she thought 

2am and Faded 

Laying there 

watching the sun set twenty times 

freshly shaved legs just laying there 

letting the sun rays sink in

Night time creeps in

and I’m still there

laying on the sand 

the moon makes a bold statement and just hangs there in the sky

the whole night

taking the spotlight

like it’s the star of the show

The curtains close and there’s an applause

a standing ovation even

no tomatoes this time round

just flowers

It was a good show

didn’t take a video of it though 

but my body will remember it

forever it shall stay on my skin, mind and in my soul and memories. 

Rants from a 22 yr old

I believe we were all here for a reason 

You just need to find out what it is

Do you know what’s painful?

Doing something that doesn’t ignite fire in you

I just think we all have a passion to do something 

Even though at times passion alone is not enough

But it’s something

And I think we should hold on to it

Something that makes your eyes sparkle when you talk about it 

Something that makes you feel alive…happy


That’s the most important thing to me

We already live in a black and white world 

We just need colour in it 

And whatever it is you love; it’ll make your life worth living 

Even if it doesn’t pay you every month

It gives you a sort of warmth, a sense of belonging 

It’s like the first time you met the love of your life 

THAT feeling

You should feel that everyday

To the point where you don’t walk on the ground anymore because you’ve created your own kind of heaven, right here on Earth


Life doesn’t allow us to be like that

There’s a system 

That we follow like blind fools

Because “it’s the right thing to do”

But is it enough?

I don’t know 

If I’m alive, then why should I feel dead inside?

Makes no sense

This is my passion. Writing. Makes me feel more sane, makes me feel lighter and like I’ve accomplished so much by just one poem

And I guess for now… that’s more than i could ever ask for.

Heaven Sent 

She came home one day

Too tired to open her mouth 

And everyday

When she came back

She was too tired

Too tired to smile

To see… to feel

Her colours started to fade

Then one day

She stopped coming home

And I started to go to her 

To a place where everything had colour and life

Where she wasn’t too tired

Where she was happy.


Remember to breathe

Let serenity take over

As you start afresh

Remember to smile

Let it reach from ear to ear

As the sun shines brighter

Remember to forgive 

Let reason find its path

As your heart becomes lighter

Never forget 

To live

And be alive