At first sight

I want to look at you

In a way where my eyes would give everything away

Where everything around me stops

Sound and people become a background

That when we lock eyes

I smile to the point it physically hurts



Dearly Beloved,

You don’t exist but in my mind

It’s in my mind where I have found a safe haven

While a fight daily battles out here in the real world

You always seem to nurse this injured soldier of mine

Currently in my third world war and I don’t think I have enough armaments for the battles to come

It’s now time for me to wave my white flag

Say my final goodbyes

Let my guard down

So that we can finally be together

When I’m all healed

When my smile is genuine and not a ploy to hide my tears

When my heart is pure and not on life support because of the number of times it slipped my hands and broke

When I’m happy and finally at peace with myself.


Your Delicate Flower


She craved serenity

Something to ease her soul

She wanted her ever busy mind

To be swept away with each wave

She craved serenity

To have a clean and happy heart

A heart that was not breaking

One that functioned to keep her smile radiant

She craved serenity

To be in love and fall in love with only one person

That one person being herself

She craved serenity

Near the Indian Ocean

Her Indian Ocean

Her serenity.

Going Rogue

It was the first time she left her heart at home

Every step she took led her closer to sin

Her mind played flashbacks of bitter memories

Like a copycat she replicated his sins

It was more than just tit for tat

For once

She wanted to know

How it felt like being the bad guy.

A taste

She experienced love

The way

One takes out their tongue to drink rain water

It has always just been a taste

Never really enough

She never had the chance

To fully let her love grow

So that she could experience more.

Love is a lot of things

She loved with her eyes closed so that she can experience everything, everything

She kept her lips open

open to be kissed so that they can tremble by the touch of her lover

She listened to music so that her heartbeat can follow the rhythm to her love songs

that way she won’t have to listen to people who already gave up on love

Her happiness mattered

eventhough it wouldn’t last long

eventhough she fabricated it

Her happiness mattered.


I’m the sensibility in “Sense and Sensibility”

Logic doesn’t do it for me

At times I feel that the glow of my heart blinds my mind so I end up not thinking straight.

Finding love in the city

I thought love came at night when the guy at the bar plays the piano and your face glistens from the candle flame on our table But today I realised that love came when the sun shines its brightest when the birds chirp and the flowers blossom. There you were, looking like a walking piece of art and I’m the tourist eager to take pictures of you so that I can boast about seeing the most beautiful creation ever made.

Speak to me in flowers

She spoke in flowers

everything she said blossomed and grew as she spoke

her words were beautiful like fresh sunflowers

she spoke to him in roses

wishing he’d collect each and every rose

so that in return he’ll give her a bouquet

her roses were so beautiful that he plucked the roses out

and he was left with the stems and thorns

and that’s what he gave her in return

Hopeless Romantic

I dream of a happily ever after

where we both say “I do”

and our lives is filled with love, happiness and laughter

Where you look into my eyes

and open up with a voice so sincere

without all the messing around, deceit and lies

How you can’t wait for me to be a mother

so that we can have little mes and yous running around

and you wouldn’t dream of doing that with another

After all is said and done, the book closes

but I still want us to be together, side by side

as they give us roses.