Going Rogue

It was the first time she left her heart at home

Every step she took led her closer to sin

Her mind played flashbacks of bitter memories

Like a copycat she replicated his sins

It was more than just tit for tat

For once

She wanted to know

How it felt like being the bad guy.



Do you ever just melt ?

you stop thinking

the solid in you becomes liquid

because of the fire burning in both your eyes

One minute you’re sober and you got things under control

“nothing will happen tonight” you lie to yourself

then before you know it you’re staring at the ceiling

out of breath and weak


the rotation of the fan keeps you together

because you can’t even keep yourself together

Send Nudes

Her body is covered with hand prints of different guys telling her how beautiful she is

and how gorgeous she would be if maybe she showed more cleavage

she was fed and made to swallow lies

she was made to believe that the only way she could tame him and make him stay is if she belittled herself

those heart eyed emojis and love hearts were just incentives to send more

and once he was full on her lust

he needed new meat

but in case new meat was hard to find he made sure to drop by with a “hello”

15 mins later everything has turned sexual without a warning

and without warning he goes cold and disappears from her life

without warning… after months of her healing he comes back with his heart in his hands

and that’s when you learn

never to trust a man


We find ourselves in this mess again
Mixed feelings
Fire between us
Horns forming
When a minute ago
Our halos were the ones giving us light
Now everything is a blur
As smoke consumes us

We forget the difference between what is right
and what is wrong
Because now everything is happening way too fast
There’s no time to think
To catch your breath

Then when it’s all said and done
The battle has been fought
White flags from both sides
The result…


The Definition of Love

She didn’t know what love was

how it looked like

or sounded like

if it had a taste or not

If it came in a package

or came flying  down 

So every time a man touched her

when their eyes filled with flames of desire

as they told her things that didn’t come from neither their heart nor brain

she thought that was love 

As she undressed

and when they smiled 

she thought they finally fell for her 

So she never understood why

after a couple of months 

they’d go distant 

She therefore concluded

that she was cursed

when in reality

the poor girl just mistook lust for love.

No Strings Attached 

Tell me 

how you do it 

keeping it all in place 

Your eyes reveal nothing

where do you hide all your emotions?

are they out there somewhere in space?

I try to keep my sanity but I can’t

how do you expect me to feel nothing when we kiss?

this isn’t really what I thought it would be

I’m playing it cool like I don’t care and that it’s nothing 

but it has become more than something 

So I keep all my feelings bottled up 

because it has already been implied 

that this is nothing more than a simple hook up

So I sit

waiting for things to change 

but you’ve become my guilty pleasure 

and there’s nothing I can do about it.