Her heart kept breaking

Until she found someone to mend it for her

He did his best to heal her

He gave her his heart to carry wherever she went

Not used to holding hearts she became clumsy and broke it

Now as she tries to mend his heart back

Her heart mends as well

But once in a while she gets pricked by the sharp edges of his broken heart.

Galaxy of mine

If love could speak

It would tell you that you make her whole

And that through your love

She loves herself even more

It would show you how her heart beats faster and slower when you’re there

How her eyes sparkle

Like stars in the night sky

Her mind as beautiful and peaceful

As the galaxy

Love would tell you how her whole solar system aligns

The moment she sets her eyes on you

It would tell you how you’re her world

Her universe

Her everything

Fatal Attraction

He kissed me and it was deadly
My red lips turned black
Sense and reasoning left me

He touched me and it was suffocating
My body turned into stone
And I could slowly feel myself dying

He told me things that were fiction
My reality slowly vanishing
Started living in my own fantasy

Flower Child

I’ve been blind whenever I see Or hear your name

Flowers cover my eyes

Because the truth is too painful to bear

You’re a rose with thorns

I’m a bull with horns

That charges when it sees red

Cover my face with flowers

To wipe away the tears

Let them not see how ashamed I am that i choose to chase unrequited love


You look into my eyes and tell me sweet nothings

The same eyes that caught a glimpse of you

Before I knew I was falling

You give me promises

With your eyes wide open and sincere

My eyes twinkle with expectations

They admire your words

As the days go by

My eyes become blank

No life is instilled in them

As your mere words were just that…words

No action

And the twinkle that was once there turns into anger and regret

How can they be fooled once again?

From tears to blood-shot eyes to being swollen

My eyes will give nothing away from the eyes that will catch a glimpse of them

There will be no soul that you’ll see once you look into them

Just emptiness

From empty promises


Don’t be alarmed when I stop caring when my tears turn into shrugs

Don’t be surprised when I stop trying when my double texting turns into none

Don’t be shocked when I start glowing when I decided to toss you out of my life

Don’t fret when you can’t find me but when you do
I’ll be too much of a woman for you

The Crave

(c) Dimitra Milan

Kiss me like I was your sleeping beauty
With love and adoration so strong that it wakes me from my death

Shower me with love so that the seed I once was blossoms into a rose that is worthy to be plucked and given to a loved one

Protect me from my demons so that I can love you freely without hesitation.

Without worry.

Without preparing myself from an inevitable heartbreak.


When winter comes

His presence wakes me up like spring

And from his words and touch

I become hot and bothered like summer

To having everything fall apart like autumn

Love and affection turns into resentment

And my beating heart that used to beat to the rhythm of his smile turns to ice and all my feelings paralyse.

At first sight

I want to look at you

In a way where my eyes would give everything away

Where everything around me stops

Sound and people become a background

That when we lock eyes

I smile to the point it physically hurts


Dearly Beloved,

You don’t exist but in my mind

It’s in my mind where I have found a safe haven

While a fight daily battles out here in the real world

You always seem to nurse this injured soldier of mine

Currently in my third world war and I don’t think I have enough armaments for the battles to come

It’s now time for me to wave my white flag

Say my final goodbyes

Let my guard down

So that we can finally be together

When I’m all healed

When my smile is genuine and not a ploy to hide my tears

When my heart is pure and not on life support because of the number of times it slipped my hands and broke

When I’m happy and finally at peace with myself.


Your Delicate Flower