Dearly Beloved,

You don’t exist but in my mind

It’s in my mind where I have found a safe haven

While a fight daily battles out here in the real world

You always seem to nurse this injured soldier of mine

Currently in my third world war and I don’t think I have enough armaments for the battles to come

It’s now time for me to wave my white flag

Say my final goodbyes

Let my guard down

So that we can finally be together

When I’m all healed

When my smile is genuine and not a ploy to hide my tears

When my heart is pure and not on life support because of the number of times it slipped my hands and broke

When I’m happy and finally at peace with myself.


Your Delicate Flower



We find ourselves in this mess again
Mixed feelings
Fire between us
Horns forming
When a minute ago
Our halos were the ones giving us light
Now everything is a blur
As smoke consumes us

We forget the difference between what is right
and what is wrong
Because now everything is happening way too fast
There’s no time to think
To catch your breath

Then when it’s all said and done
The battle has been fought
White flags from both sides
The result…



She looks at you with eyes so sincere so innocent

no hurt in her eyes

only promise in yours

yet she holds a beating heart behind her back

while you hide your bloody sword

without you two even knowing it

the war has begun.