Therapy Room

With every glare she became toxic

He became addicted

And as time passed

Her image faded and became distorted

Then it was complete darkness

Writer’s block

I write



Then Cancel

A part of me wants to get hurt so that I can write a masterpiece

A part of me wants to fall in love so that I can write a sonnet professing the number of ways “I love thee”

Or I could just get an epiphany and my creative juices could start flowing

But I’m over here swamped with work writing this poem

Love is a lot of things

She loved with her eyes closed so that she can experience everything, everything

She kept her lips open

open to be kissed so that they can tremble by the touch of her lover

She listened to music so that her heartbeat can follow the rhythm to her love songs

that way she won’t have to listen to people who already gave up on love

Her happiness mattered

eventhough it wouldn’t last long

eventhough she fabricated it

Her happiness mattered.


Do you ever just melt ?

you stop thinking

the solid in you becomes liquid

because of the fire burning in both your eyes

One minute you’re sober and you got things under control

“nothing will happen tonight” you lie to yourself

then before you know it you’re staring at the ceiling

out of breath and weak


the rotation of the fan keeps you together

because you can’t even keep yourself together


I’m the sensibility in “Sense and Sensibility”

Logic doesn’t do it for me

At times I feel that the glow of my heart blinds my mind so I end up not thinking straight.

Colours of the Rainbow

I’m filled with paint balls I’m all bottled up I might explode soon Just say the right words that will pierce right through me Right through my flesh Until I pop Until I explode Explode in colours that will brighten your grey spirits In that black and white world you live in You’ll get a taste of my colours and they will remain on you like Lady Macbeth’s bloody hands

Finding love in the city

I thought love came at night when the guy at the bar plays the piano and your face glistens from the candle flame on our table But today I realised that love came when the sun shines its brightest when the birds chirp and the flowers blossom. There you were, looking like a walking piece of art and I’m the tourist eager to take pictures of you so that I can boast about seeing the most beautiful creation ever made.

Speak to me in flowers

She spoke in flowers

everything she said blossomed and grew as she spoke

her words were beautiful like fresh sunflowers

she spoke to him in roses

wishing he’d collect each and every rose

so that in return he’ll give her a bouquet

her roses were so beautiful that he plucked the roses out

and he was left with the stems and thorns

and that’s what he gave her in return

Her Indian Ocean

Her waters are calm


like the ocean she runs deep

and the deeper you go the darker it gets

but just like the ocean

beauty is within her

there is life

some creatures you can see with the naked eye

while others no one has dared to go search for

she’s kind enough to let people enjoy her waters

but once wrath embodies her she will and can destroy everything that comes her way

like the ocean

she is loved and feared

like the ocean

right at this moment

she is filled with tranquillity.

Send Nudes

Her body is covered with hand prints of different guys telling her how beautiful she is

and how gorgeous she would be if maybe she showed more cleavage

she was fed and made to swallow lies

she was made to believe that the only way she could tame him and make him stay is if she belittled herself

those heart eyed emojis and love hearts were just incentives to send more

and once he was full on her lust

he needed new meat

but in case new meat was hard to find he made sure to drop by with a “hello”

15 mins later everything has turned sexual without a warning

and without warning he goes cold and disappears from her life

without warning… after months of her healing he comes back with his heart in his hands

and that’s when you learn

never to trust a man